When I attended high school and college classes that were not titled “Art”, whether I was in pursuit of a fine art degree or a computer engineering degree, I would likely be doodling with a pen or pencil. This doodling led to occasional paid doodling work which I gladly undertook. The following are a few of the doodled and the non-doodled people and non-people. Some are even from actual “art” classes.


Russ Testa Pensive farmer
Economics professor child Tom Seibold on ledge Girl in Overalls Baby on arm Girl on sofa Pope surfing in Denver: World Youth Day 1993 Maid Sailor Large man Cowboy Meditator Cyclist faces faces Battery shock Professor Rummer Art history professor faces Witch riding broom faces Volleyball Jester faces faces
Green beret portrait Green beret portrait with knife in teeth


chicken: Rusty's IGA advertisement. We're not chicken about our chicken prices. camel. Rusty's IGA advertisement. Hump day specials. exploding socks. Rusty's IGA advertisement. These prices will blow your socks off. helmet face captain balloon man leg elf duck cat turtle man bug aardvark drop of water jumping sheepdog dog thing hat elephant foot head cub fan cubs bird peace frog football cow reclining worm head little bird sloth Man on beach
Pig on the wing

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